• Soup

    Please see our Special’s board

  • Home made soup (Vegan or Vegetarian often available)

    Served with crusty white or brown bread.

    • £4.25
  • salads and Ploughman’s lunches

  • Senior Ploughman’s

    Brie and cheddar cheese, honey roast ham, pork pie, mixed dressed salad, gherkins, pickled onions, coleslaw, with 2 slices of brown or white bread with butter

    • £6.95
  • Junior Ploughman’s

    Cheddar cheese, honey roast ham, pork pie, mixed dressed salad, coleslaw, with a slice of bread and butter

    • £4.25
  • Greek Salad (Vegan or Vegetarian)

    Feta or vegan cheese, black olives, red onion, dressed green salad – Served with spicy cous cous

    • £4.95




  • Paninis

    Served with salad garnish & coleslaw

  • Cheese, tomatoes and chives (Vegetarian)

    • £4.25
  • Cheese, honey roast ham with caramelised onion chutney

    • £4.95
  • Bacon, brie and cranberry

    • £4.95
  • Pepperoni, sun dried tomatoes, mozzarella and chives

    • £4.95
  • Toasties, toast and hot butties

    Served with salad garnish & coleslaw

  • Cheese (Vegetarian)

    • £3.45
  • Cheese and honey roast ham

    • £3.95
  • Cheese and tomato (Vegetarian)

    • £3.95
  • Cheese and onion (Vegetarian)

    • £3.95
  • Beans on toast (Vegan)

    • £3.50
  • Cheese on toast (Vegetarian)

  • Fish finger butty

    Served WITHOUT side salad

    • £3.00
  • Jacket potatoes

    Served with salad garnish & coleslaw

  • Plain with butter and sea salt flakes (Vegetarian)

    • £3.95
  • Beans (Vegan)

    • £4.45
  • Cheddar cheese (Vegetarian)

    • £4.95
  • Cheddar cheese & honey roast ham

    • £5.45
  • Cheddar cheese, bacon & chives

    • £5.45
  • Burgers

    8oz low fat steak burger served with salad garnish & coleslaw

  • The Boatyard Bus Burger

    with bacon, cheese, tomato, gherkin and burger relish

    • £4.95
  • Jalapeno burger

    with jalapenos, smoked cheese, tomato, mixed green leaves with either spicy mayo or chilli and garlic sauce

    • £4.95
  • Sweet smokey BBQ Burger

    with smoked cheese, red onion, bacon, tomato and a sweet smokey sauce

    • £4.95
  • Cheese steak burger

    • £3.95
  • Plain steak burger

    • £3.25
  • Vegan burger

    Vegan burger with your choice of toppings

  • Build your own burger (Create Vegan or Vegetarian options)

    8oz low fat steak burger or vegan burger (Double up for an extra £2.00)

    Chose your cheese (If required):
       Spicy, smoked, mature cheddar, Lancashire or vegan.

    Choose your sauce (If required):
       Burger relish, spicy mayo, sweet & smokey, mayonaise or chilli & garlic.

    Choose your topping:
       Gherkins, Jalopenos, red onion or pickled sweet peppers.

    • Single burger £4.95
    • Double burger £6.95

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